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Superthrive Plant Food - 4 fl oz
Superthrive Plant Food - 4 fl oz

Superthrive Plant Food - 4 fl oz


If you're a gardener who's looking for that extra edge when you're looking after your trees and Plants then you should pick up some of this Liquid Concentrate Fertilizer from Superthrive. This specially formulated product is made with kelp and all kinds of vitamins that Plants love and need to stay healthy and grow stable roots. This is especially important if you need to transplant trees, flowers or other Plants and will ensure that they bounce back more quickly and retain their vitality. Easy to use, you can add just a quarter teaspoon of this product per gallon of water.

Super Thrive, 4 oz:

* Promotes plant health
* Saves trees
* Helps yield more and better fruit, vegetables and flowers
* Liquid plant food is rich in vitamin B1
* Provides iron, manganese and zinc
* Powerful formula